Embracing Traditional Curriculum

The second pillar demonstrates my commitment to back to basics educational principles and instilling a strong academic foundation in subjects like math, science, and language arts. By upholding time-tested methods and eliminating the focus on social emotional learning, we aim to provide students with a strong academic foundation. 

Educating with Excellence & Achievement

The first pillar is dedicated to ensuring that our schools provide an exceptional education to every student with a commitment to raising academic standards and test scores. By prioritizing educational excellence in PVUSD, we can significantly improve test scores and empower our students to excel in their educational journey.

Empowering All Stakeholders with Transparency

The third pillar focuses on the importance of transparent communication between the PVUSD school board, parents, and the community. I will work towards providing timely and comprehensive updates and empowering parents with clear information about school policies, curriculum changes, and budget decisions. By fostering a culture of transparency, we can build trust and collaboration with parents while positively impacting the educational experience of our students.


Susan's Public Comment at Recent PVUSD School Board Meetings